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Spectacular results without invasive procedures

The unsurpassed joint action of this serum and correcting patches visibly smooth, fill and firm your skin, revealing a high definition complexion.

Intensive line minimizing solution

INHIBIT High definition patches

Created as a non-invasive treatment, it releases the most powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredients into the skin to smooth the complexion immediately. In one night, expression lines fade away. In 4 weeks, fall in love with visibly fuller, suppler skin.

Inhibit High Definition intensive line minimizing patches

Intensive line minimizing serum

INHIBIT High definition serum

A 71% concentration of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients is the key to this powerful serum. It fills wrinkles from within, intensely hydrates, tightens and reforms the appearance of your skin with an amazing lifting effect.

Inhibit High Definition intensive line minimizing serum
Girl showing her face behind a curtain

Cutting-edge anti-aging technology

Innovation for high definition skin

Thanks to Skinform Molecular Technology®, Inhibit High Definition Serum ensures a high concentration and penetration of powerful anti-aging ingredients. Inhibit High Definition Patches, developed in collaboration with a ground-breaking Korean laboratory, transforms anti-aging ingredients into micro-needles that dissolve inside the skin.

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How is it used?

A correct application is essential

Girl with Inhibit HD correcting patches applied

Did you know that choosing the correct serum, cream or beauty product, is as important as knowing how to apply them properly? The way we apply them directly affects the formation of future wrinkles and signs of aging. In addition, it enhances the results of treatment.

Beauty Tips

High Definition Lifting Massage

To enhance the tightening effect of Inhibit High Definition Serum and boost its benefits we have created an exclusive self-massage to apply the serum. Find out more here.

The most comfortable invisible patches ever

Girl drinking tea with Inhibit HD correcting patches applied

Invisible and adaptable to different areas of the face, you can use Inhibit High Definition Patches whenever you like. While you read, take a bath... or even sleeping. Leave them on for at least 2 hours to allow their ingredients to penetrate into the skin.

Exfoliation is key

Girl applying Inhibit HD intensive serum

If you apply both the serum and patches after exfoliating, you will notice all their benefits even more. By exfoliating prior to use, you will cleanse the skin and remove, dead cells, allowing your skin to better absorb all the active ingredients in this powerful treatment.

Inhibit collection

Story of an icon

Our biggest concern is your skin. For this reason, we have always been pioneers in the development of revolutionary concepts in skincare, such as the creation of an alternative and cosmetic complement to medi-aesthetic procedures. That's how the Inhibit Collection was born.

2003 The beginning

Image of an Octamioxyl molecule

Natura Bissé launched INHIBIT, the first product formulated with Octamioxyl®, an exclusive cutting-edge molecule capable of inhibiting facial contractions. A serum designed for those who want spectacular results without using invasive techniques.

2006 Inhibit Tensolift

Detail of the Inhibit HD intensive serum applicator

Working in parallel to industry advances and adapting to the demands of increasingly savvy customers, we created Inhibit-Tensolift, a serum designed to be the most effective cosmetic alternative to medical aesthetic procedures.

2007 Tensolift Neck Cream

Detail of the Tensolift Neck Cream container

This luxurious cream provides a tightening micro-lifting and an immediate wrinkle-filling effect: it is the the answer for those clients who want to achieve visible results also on the delicate area of the neck and décolleté.

2017 Inhibit High Definition Treatment

Today, after almost 15 years of constant research, Natura Bissé goes a step further and introduces a dual synergistic treatment that offers unprecedented results: the ultimate answer to help diminish wrinkles and expression lines.